Silk Scarves

Self Initiated



This idea arose from the desire of possessing something ‘valuable’ such as the Hermes Silk Scarves. We questioned what this term meant to everyone in the first place. After a short survey, some of the responses received were ‘demand’, ‘quality’, ‘attachment’, ‘accessibility’ and ‘utility’. Quickly realising that many people weigh emotional attachment and sentiment over the actual cost of goods.

For this reason, we decided to take the theme of nostalgia and memories forward, as these are priceless and can resonate with a wide audience. The scarves are based on computer games that were played in the 90s. Using elements from 'Tetris' for one and 'Minesweeper' for the other, we created detailed tessellations and patterns which were then printed on silk.

Minesweeper 1
Minesweeper 2
Minesweeper 3
Tetris 1
Tetris 2
Tetris 3