Look...this year has been a weird one. This is the first time that everyone in the world is collectively dealing with the same thing. And boy could we all do with a pat on the back for how quickly we adapt to new circumstances. Along with new routines, most everyone (who's profession allows them the liberty to) has gotten used to the idea of remote working. As someone who has been practicing this lifestyle for 3 years, I have a few thoughts on the subject.

It is really important to be mindful about the way we interact with our environment, and in this case - our devices. I make my bed and clean my room everyday, but don't follow the same practice with my digital devices. Why do we not tend to our digital spaces as much our physical environment? A clean and organised system allows for a more focused, productive and stress-free mind. Keep an eye out for an exploration we did on this called 'Desktops'.

Like all things in life - there is no one way. You need to find what works for you.

A few free tools that have made my life better...

  1. You know that person who has so many tabs open that you can't even read the name of the page? I used to be her. ?Session Buddy is an extension that saves all the tabs on your browser for you to access at any point.
  2. If Tinder is your jam, then ?Cleen might be your bread and butter. It's an app that helps quickly declutter your photo library.
  3. Apple is one of my favourite companies, but there are some things which I will never understand. Meanwhile, ?Tiles is an app that does what macOS should have - it allows you to arrange the windows on your system into organised sections.

PS - Sorry for the pang of anxiety caused with this post's graphic. Tide Studio is not responsible for any health problems cause while reading our blog.